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Rules and Regulations

Welcome to NeggsNetwork Clash of Lords II Forums! We invite you use common sense! Profanity is allowed in a mature fashion. Use your best judgment. If...

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Recruiting Guilds

Post guild names in here to help smaller guilds become more powerful. Make it an actual competition to be top 200!

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Top 25 Guild on iOS: Russia

To the attention of iOS users: Guidl Name: Russia Population on 2/5/15 - 41/50; Guild rank – 41 (based on total trophies); Guild progression r...

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Who is your favorite hero?

There are so many to choose from!

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What are the best talents to use for your Heros and what heros do you think have the best special attack

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Dancing Dragons

What is the best reward you have won?

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King Odin
8 years

Free UNLIMITED Resources - January 2015 - HURRY UP!

Free Gold, Jewels and more ---> Finally a working one, just tested works great. January 2015

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🚨WANT TO JOIN A TOP 100 GUILD??🚨 hello we are lords legends. We hope you will join one of our 3 guilds. Lords legends being top 100. Com...

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Fast-rebuild the base

Hello. Is there any option to improve base-rebuilding ? For example the same option that is in Clash of Clans II ? Drop every building into bar and ea...

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Ancient Relic

Does upgrading your ancient relic cause the campaign clash to get harder?

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It's a lovely day for Clashing

How long have you been playing? Add your TH Level too :)

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Rate Clash of Lords II

So what do you think, better then the first one?

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Tips and Tricks

Post any useful tips you may have here to share with the community!

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heroes acheivment replication

How do you remove replicated heroes....

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